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  • Welcome to NC StumpGrinder!

    At NCSTUMPGRINDER we specialize in stump grinding but we do much more. We also do tree removal, pruning, clearing of overgrown lots, chipping brush piles, removal of hedge rows and unwanted bushes. We deliver mulch, compost and other landscape materials. Helping you achieve your landscaping goals is what we do. If I can’t do it, I know many landscape professionals who can.

    Call today and have your tree, stump, and brush problems eliminated !

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    • : So you think your stump is inaccessible? My stump grinder is a self propelled unit that can climb hills and move around on the roughest terrain. I've been in some pretty tough spots and have yet to find a stump that I couldn't get to. Even though my machine is large, it is capable of fitting through a standard 36 inch gate. If I need to I can remove the outer wheels of the grinder. This gets me in 95% of backyards that are fenced. For homes with smaller gates, sometimes it is possible to remove fence panels to gain access to tight Continue reading
    • : At NCSTUMPGRINDER I strive to “Go Green.” I make every attempt to recycle yard waste.  I offer free wood chips and firewood to homeowners near my jobs when I am felling trees and chipping limbs.  viagra online I strive to never have to put natural material in a landfill.   If I must dispose of unwanted natural debris, I always use the online viagra no prescription City of Raleigh’s Yard Waste Recycling Center.  See the link below for additional information.  All the natural debris there is ground and turned into mulch and compost. ( )   Continue reading
    • : This is a great video showing us taking down the bottom of a huge tree and grinding the gigantic stump. If you ever wondered how to get rid of a very large tree this should give you some ideas. Fun and entertaining to watch! Continue reading
    • : Right on the jobsite.  The wood chipper eats it's way through a few piles of branches and logs.  Fun to watch! Continue reading
    • : Pulling up on a new job... downloading the equipment and walking it over to the stump. Continue reading
  • Testimonials

    Diana from Clayton, NC: "Scott's a great guy! He cleared my garden of stumps in no time. I warmly recommend his services."

    Clint from Cary: "I can't believe it! This guy came early and stayed late. He fought to get his machine into places I would have never expected. Above and beyond my expectations. Thanks for the great job! You should have charged more. Ha!"